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Studio lights, representing the potential of mental health issues for TV Participants being thrown into the media spotlight.


TV Participant Wellbeing

Looking Out for Production Companies
by Looking After Participants

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

Calm Sea




The PsyCoach expert begins with an assessment to collect information about the participant. This includes their reasons for wanting to join the TV Show, their social background, current situation, overall health, past mental health, and current psychological state. The expert will then determine if the participant is fit for inclusion in the show, ensuring they can provide informed consent. This assessment will also inform any further interventions that may be needed.


Interventions may be offered to prepare the individual for inclusion in the show, enhance their performance, support them throughout the process, and assist  with the broadcast aftermath. The majority of our interventions are rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy. This approach helps individuals to identify any distorted thinking, understand their physical reactions to negative emotions, equip them with skills to see different perspectives, and teach techniques to lessen symptoms and handle common reactions more effectively.


After filming, especially around the time of broadcast, check-in consultations or aftercare may be required. Aftercare sessions are a crucial component of the PsyCoach package. During live broadcasts of longer series, participants' families might also face challenges. To address their worries and safeguard the participants, PsyCoach provides support for as long as it is needed.


As mental health and psychological therapy specialists for TV production participants, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of all involved.

Initial Engagement

When a production company makes initial contact, we meet to establish the proposed concept and format of the project, the potential level of related risk, and from there, the service level agreement. Each project is different, and bespoke packages of support are suggested and provided - this can sometimes evolve as the project develops. For continuity of care, we aim to have the same therapist or team of therapists providing support throughout each project - developing rapport and relationships with the contributors and the production team.

Tailored Services

In response to requests, we have developed a range of services that can be tailored to the unique needs of each production. We offer Fitness For Inclusion Assessments to ensure participants are suited for the demands of the project. Production Liaison Calls, coupled with an optional Protocol review, ensure seamless communication and understanding between our experts and the production team. Recognising the possibility for all involved to become stressed by the pressure of the project (team, crew, and contributors) we can provide dedicated support for team and crew members, ensuring they are mentally equipped to handle the rigours of the production. Furthermore, we offer bespoke Mental Health Awareness training. This training is tailored to the crew and team, focusing on their specific project, promoting their personal wellbeing, and equipping them with the skills to observe and understand changes in their participants over the course of the project.

Form Review and Assessment

For production companies opting to implement self-declaration and health-related self-assessment forms for their participants, we provide an optional review of these forms. Our aim is to ensure every detail is thoroughly scrutinised and addressed. Should we identify a potential need for a full Fitness For Inclusion Assessment, the production contact will be promptly informed. Importantly, if this assessment is subsequently carried out, the initial form review will be provided at no charge.

On-Location Support

While on location, our team provides continuous mental health coverage, which encompasses ongoing assessment and monitoring of cast members, managing their expectations, offering supportive counselling, and delivering CBT-based therapeutic interventions to aid in emotional regulation. *


Our Approach

At PsyCoach, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of participant mental health support and psychological therapy services for the TV industry. With our wealth of experience, we offer comprehensive support: from the initial planning stages of a production through assessments and recommendations, on-location support, and aftercare. Rest assured, when you choose PsyCoach, you're choosing a team of experts committed to supporting the mental health and psychological wellbeing of the participating contributors for your project.

Our team recognises the needs of each production are unique and we are committed to providing a comprehensive and flexible service, no matter the genre. We understand the importance of creative concepts and formats, and we are here to offer insightful advice tailored to your vision. With utmost care, we assess participants to ensure their suitability for inclusion, considering their individual strengths and talents. Throughout the production journey, we extend unwavering support, offering empathetic guidance and understanding. We strive to create a safe and trusting environment where contributors feel valued and empowered. We are here to help manage any anxieties related to broadcast, and we will work closely with you to ensure a positive production experience for all involved.


As qualified and suitably registered professionals, we are bound by our governing bodies' Codes of Ethics and Conduct, and UK Law, to stringently follow all rules relating to consent, client engagement, and confidentiality. We each have enhanced DBS clearance, and carry professional indemnity insurance, covering the UK and abroad.


At PsyCoach, our team of clinicians is a diverse blend of experts from various mental health disciplines, ranging from Psychology to Counselling. Every member is either registered with or accredited by their relevant professional or governing body, ensuring the highest standards of care. We will provide all necessary credentials and evidence of our expertise as we embark on our journey together.

HCPC is the health care professionals council
Association of Clinical Psychologists looks after the professional interests of Clinical Psychologists


The British Association of Counselling Practioners represents Counsellors and Psychotherapists in the UK
The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies is a trade body representing those that are trained to practice.


EMDR-registered logo


The Royal College of Occupational Therapists is a professional body for occupational therapists in the UK. It promotes occupational therapy and the well-being of people with disabilities.


* It's important to note that while our specialists are highly skilled, we do not provide crisis intervention. In situations that require immediate attention, we prioritise the safety and wellbeing of individuals by directing them to their local services. This includes their GP, out-of-hours services, local A&E, or minor injuries unit. Additionally, we recommend specialist organisations such as MIND and the Samaritans, which are equipped to handle urgent mental health situations. Our primary goal is to ensure that everyone receives the appropriate care they need in a timely manner.

The majority of Fitness for Inclusion assessments and aftercare psych support is provided by PsyCoach to TV Productions via videocalls, although face-to-face meetings and on-location support are also part of the package.
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