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What we do

Psychological Therapy Services for TV Programmes

PsyCoach provides psychological therapy services for all aspects of TV programme making – in the planning stages, during production, and post-broadcast as aftercare.


The provision is tailored to meet the needs of the production whatever the genre, whether it be advising on concepts and formats; assessing participants for fitness for inclusion; providing gallery advice during filming; or supporting contributors before, during, and after filming, with interventions enabling them to cope with the fun of the filming, the pressure of the performance, to trust the production team, and manage anxiety related to broadcast.

As qualified and suitably registered professionals, we are bound by our governing bodies' Codes of Ethics and Conduct, and UK Law, to stringently follow all rules relating to consent, client engagement, and confidentiality. We each have enhanced DBS clearance, and carry professional indemnity insurance, covering UK and abroad.


Starting with an assessment, the PsyCoach therapist gathers information related to the participant’s motivation for inclusion in the TV Show, social history and current circumstances, general health, mental health history, and present psychological wellbeing. Fitness for inclusion will be ascertained, including the individual’s ability to give informed consent for inclusion in a particular programme, and the assessment will guide any additional interventions.


Interventions may be offered to prepare the individual for inclusion, improve their performance, support them through an enduring process, or help with the broadcast aftermath. Most of our interventions are cognitive behaviour therapy-based, enabling an individual to identify any distorted thinking, gain an understanding of their physiological responses to unpleasant emotions, provide them with perspective-taking skills and techniques to reduce symptomology and better manage a range of normal responses.


Face-to-face or video-call consultations are sometimes necessary after a period of filming has concluded, particularly around the time of transmission. Aftercare sessions are an integral part of the PsyCoach package.

At times, particularly during the live transmission of an extended series, the families of particpants can also come under pressure. In order to manage their concerns and protect the participants, PsyCoach offers telephone, video-call or face to face support.

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